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The Dents Story... So Far

The Dents Story... So Far

The Dents Story So Far

It takes time to create the world’s finest gloves….and with 236 years of experience – gloves really don’t get better then Dents! This is our story…

Dents founded by John Dent in 1777, who established his accessory company, manufacturing fine leather gloves in the cathedral of Worcester, England. Over time, the business grew rapidly and moved his residence to 34 Forgate Street, Worcester, in 1784. At a later date, his sons John Junior and William began an apprenticeship with Dents, at the age of just 15 which lasted for seven years.

Dents was a major exporter of fine gloves and accessories throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries. The company, through its subsidiaries in New York, Paris, Grenoble, Brussels, Leipzig, Prague, Sydney and Naples, crafted and sold the finest handmade gloves throughout the world.

We are proud of our heritage, and wanted to share with you, some of our treasured photos…

The Dents Story So Far

1. A Dents factory seamstress working – circa 1892.

2. Heritage car – circa 1907.

3. Dents advertisement – circa 1910.

The Dents Story So Far

4. Dents Belgium factory, circa 1913.

5. Dents Unhairing Room, circa 1913.

The Dents Story So Far

6. Dents glove counter, The Drapers’ Organiser, October 4th 1919.

7. Dents advertisement, circa 1920.

The Dents Story So Far

8. Dents Portrait Lady, 1920.

9. Your Hands Deserve Dent’s Gloves advertisement, 1920s evening gloves.

The Dents Story So Far

10. Dents advertisement, 1924.

11. Dents photo shoot, circa 1950-1960.

The Dents Story So Far

12. Quality control checker, 1950.

13. Collaboration with Dior, circa 1950.

14. Coronation glove, 1953.

Dents of England has handmade the world’s finest leather gloves since 1777. Today, the best traditions of this time-honoured craft are combined with contemporary design and luxury leather in stylish accessories including gloves, wallets, and belts.

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