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Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Nearly all the leather used by Dents for its gloves is a by-product of the food, wool and dairy industries. It is a completely renewable resource.

Dents’ practices and operations are consistent with the principal goals and strategies set out by the UN Global Compact and The Ethical Trade initiative Base Code.  We also ensure that our practices and procedures are in compliance with all relevant environmental, health and safety laws and ordinances in the cities and regions in which we source, manufacture, or sell our products.


Dents has minimized the amount of energy needed at its purpose built facility in Warminster, England, by fitting solar panels to generate its own electricity and installing movement sensors on the energy efficient LED lights used throughout the building.


Packaging, waste paper and other recyclable materials are recycled. Waste material from glove manufacturing is reused. It is sold or donated for craft manufacture of a variety of different items.

Transport and Travelling

Dents encourages to its employees to consider the environment. A bicycle shed and showers are provided to encourage employees to cycle to work, and car sharing is actively encouraged. Video conferencing facilities are available and employees are encouraged to use these rather than travel to meetings.

Animal Welfare

Dents is committed to giving high priority to animal welfare. We will do all we can by sourcing leather from reputable suppliers, and influencing them to ensure that they themselves only source ethically.

Leather supplies and raw materials

Dents is committed to ensuring the raw materials it uses are sourced and processed in accordance with prevailing international best practices, on a sustainable basis,  and in compliance with local, environmental and international laws and ordinances. Where elements of the supply chain are outside its direct control, Dents will only deal with reputable partners and suppliers who subscribe to these same principles, and will obtain independent audits or third party certifications where required.

Local Community

Dents, which was founded on 1777, is aware of its impact on the local community. It is an important employer around its home base of Warminster, Wiltshire, England. Most of the company’s workforce lives locally. Dents and its employees support local events whenever possible and contribute to local charities.


Dents owns one of the most important collections of historic gloves in the UK. It is in the process of actively renovating and curating its collection. As well as being available to academics, the collection is available to the public through pre-organized tours, which include a visit to the factory and lectures on glove manufacturing. Our Warminster facility is fully wheelchair accessible.

Dents is proud to still manufacture gloves in the UK, which it has been doing since 1777. We believe it is vital that the trade and skills survive, even though that may only be at the quality end of the business. We believe that the UK benefits from a reputation for fine craftsmanship, and we well understand the importance of continuing that tradition.

In 2016, Dents was awarded a Royal Warrant by HRH the Prince of Wales, and continues to supply him and other members of the Royal family with gloves.

Dents of England has handmade the world’s finest leather gloves since 1777. Today, the best traditions of this time-honoured craft are combined with contemporary design and luxury leather in stylish accessories including gloves, wallets, and belts.

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