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An English Man in New York

An English Man in New York

An English Man in New York

Shawn Pean – Sak’s 5th Avenue Buyer, John Roberts and Jim McKenry from Dents

Last week, Dents Consultant John Roberts flew over to New York to make a presentation on our glove making processes, highlighting the unique skills required to produce fine leather gloves.

John was joined by Jim McKenry, Dents’ exclusive agent for the USA. The special breakfast training seminar was held in the Saks Fifth Avenue store. Those representing Saks Fifth Avenue included the store manager, the buyer and assistant buyer, plus 24 of their sales associates.

Dents have been continually in business since 1777, and the company’s first connection with the USA was in 1877, when George C. Field was appointed to open a new Dents office at Number 85, Fifth Avenue, New York City as part of our global expansion in export sales to the world’s finest shops and department stores. Today, Dents’ New York offices are located on W 57th Street.

During the training seminar, sales associates were shown the three different types of leathers that we use to create our gloves, highlighting the benefits of each leather as well as their suitability for different social occasions. John showed how and why the leathers are prepared and made, including the stages of stretching, shaping, cutting and hand-sewing. He explained that it takes longer to train a fully skilled glove cutter or sewer than it does to get a college or university degree; with 32 different components to be cut and sewn to make a single pair of Dents gloves, high levels of commitment and skill to master the techniques of glove making.

John explained that Dents make their cashmere and silk linings as separate gloves despite the additional cost to ensure a better fit – the Dents ‘secret fit’. He demonstrated how to use Dent’s unique glove tape to measure a customer’s hands and therefore achieve perfect fitting gloves. He then presented the Saks selection of the Dents Heritage glove collection, pointing out each of the special features of each glove including: the authentic Harris Tweed backs, Scottish cashmere linings, fine hand stitching, and iconic peccary leather. He further explained what ‘points’ are and that ‘quirks’ are actually a special part of a Dents peccary leather glove, not something quirky!

Everybody who attended the training seminar received a illustrated glove training manual, a booklet illustrating Dents’ history, and a unique Dents glove tape measure.

After the seminar there was much laughter when John asked the audience to accept Her Majesty, Prince Charles, Prince William and Kate’s apologies for being unable to attend the seminar, as they had a family engagement in London with Prince George.

An English Man in New York

During the seminar

An English Man in New York

Dents of England has handmade the world’s finest leather gloves since 1777. Today, the best traditions of this time-honoured craft are combined with contemporary design and luxury leather in stylish accessories including gloves, wallets, and belts.

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