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Top 5 Places To Visit In 2013 #3


The 3rd of our 'Top 5 places to visit in 2013' is the beautiful city of Bath. It's our Romantic Get away choice, perfectly posted on Valentine's Day. The roman city famously known for its spa city status and stunning Georgian architecture, is a mere 20 miles down the road from Dents HQ.
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De Paris Avec L'amour...


Paris was our second trade show of the season, and it was Kelly from our design department, who was the lucky girl to spend a week in Paris. Armed with our A/W 13 Women's Leather Glove Collection, she flew out to preview the collection at Who's Next.
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Drive Away With Dents...


You may have seen via our Facebook and Twitter pages, that recently we did a new photo shoot featuring some stunning classic cars. We know Dents gloves look gorgeous anywhere and go with everything, but they look exceptional in a British classic. A British classic themselves, it seemed obvious that we needed to find a beautiful car and strike a pose!
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From Florence With Love...


Last week, Laura from our design team travelled to Florence for the annual trade show, Pitti Uomo. This is where we previewed our men's collection for buyers, journalists and other industry individuals.
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A Snowy Day At Dents...


This morning we all woke up and looked out of our windows, to be greeted with a thick layer of snow. Streets and fields blurred into one big white fluffy blanket, and chunky flakes of snow were still falling. Struggling to get into the office, many were stranded in the surrounding villages, the rest braved the weather and walked in. Wrapped up in multiple layers, ski jackets and snow boots lined our corridors, today was definitely a day for Dents.
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Top 5 Places To Visit In 2013 #2


Tucked away in the Wiltshire countryside, just outside the town of Chippenham, is the quiet village of Lacock. It may look like a sleepy forgotten village, but from time to time it will be over-run with camera crews, trailers and the odd familiar face.
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Mr Selfridge Still Setting Trends...


Did you spend your Sunday night curled up on the sofa watching the second episode of the new hit show, Mr Selfridge? We all did! Period-dramas are something of a trend right now, with hits like Downton still going strong, Mr Selfridge was guaranteed to be a success.
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Dents Gloves Key Role in Mr Selfridge


It seems 7 million of us watched ITV's new drama Mr Selfridge on Sunday evening. Definitely the new Downton Abbey, and we can't wait for next week's episode.
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Top Five Place To Visit In 2013 - #1


A forest surrounds our home town of Warminster, the treeline of giant redwoods hugging the southern side of the town, making it a popular place for the locals. This is Longleat Forest, home to many a woodland animal but more prominently Longleat Safari and Adventure Park.
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Our Top 5 Places To Visit In 2013


We often forget that we live in a country rich with history and natural beauty, that we don't actually need to go abroad to visit somewhere amazing. We have plenty here on our doorstep. Stepping into 2013 why not take a trip or two, and explore more of what Britain has to offer.
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Trade Show Schedule 2013


Here is the schedule for the trade shows Dents will be exhibiting at in 2013.
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Merry Christmas Everyone


Outside it may not resemble the traditional snowy Christmas scene often seen in the movies and on every Christmas card you receive, but it really is time for Santa to land his sleigh (probably in a muddy field and not a snowy hillside) and deliver all of our presents. So after weeks of shopping, writing cards and hours spent queuing in the post office, Christmas is finally on our doorstep. Only a few days left of frantic last-minute shopping to go, and then we can all sit back, relax and stuff our faces full of delicious food and drink!
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Where Have You Worn Your Dents?


Dents lovingly design and create beautiful luxury items, and then like a proud parent, we wave farewell to them and the send our creations off into the world. But we are left wondering where they will end up? Well now curiosity has gotten the best of us, and we couldn't help but wonder, where their adventures have led them....With a strong following all over the world, from Japan to America and Germany to Australia, the possibilities are endless!
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Christmas Gift


Christmas is approaching and what better way to celebrate than taking a peep into the Christmas museum collection.
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A Pop-Up Follow-Up


As you may recall Dents opened a pop-up store back in October, a mere 20 miles from our HQ and factory, in the city of Bath. Some of you may have already popped in, but for those who haven't, here are a few pictures to give you a taste of what you're missing!
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Bentley + Dents = Driving Luxury


Bentley is the epitome of British motor luxury. Founded just shy of a century ago in 1919, the company prides itself on producing quality classic fast cars. Bentley is now more than a car, it is a symbol of British luxury. The company has branched out to create The Bentley Collection, which Dents was asked to become a part of.
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Hola Mexico City!


Mexico has definitely put itself on the map, having evolved into a popular destination for both business and pleasure trips. Mexico City is the country's capital and is a metropolis full of stylish inhabitants. Women's shopping needs have always been catered for, as traditionally it's females with the fashion obsession. But the times are a'changing, with men taking more of an interest in their personal style and becoming just as (if not more so), fashion conscious.
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Dents At Home In Saks Fifth Avenue


Saks is possibly one of the most recognised department stores in the world, one of an elite group that includes the likes of Harrods and Selfridges. Saks Fifth Avenue was the name given to all its stores after the first store opened on Fifth Avenue, New York in 1924. Founded by Horace Saks and Bernard Gimbel, the brand now sells its products through its 46 stores across the country and offer online shopping through the Saks Fifth Avenue website.
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Get The London Look With Dents


Rimmel is a well-known and established British cosmetics brand, known for its patriotism within its branding. Using unashamedly British models in their campaigns, and dropping the now- famous- line 'Get the London Look' in an authentic accent, really sells British style.
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Bond's Sky-Falling Gloves


Possibly the most famous movie line ever, James Bond has been an icon for 5 decades. Played by 6 different actors over the years, Daniel Craig is the newest addition to this brotherhood. Skyfall is his third film as the charismatic MI6 agent James Bond, which was released in cinemas today.
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