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Pastel Perfection


Pastels are the perfect colour for brightening up your day, whether it's in the home or in your wardrobe. Here at Dents HQ, we are loving things all things pastel. It was once a summer season trend, but is now believed to be an all year round colour palate. So why not have a pastel palette in your life?
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Black Magic Glove


We all got excited here at Dents HQ when we saw the trailer to 'Now You See Me', which was released last week. This thriller got all of our attention, not because of the plot or the stars in the movie, but Isla Fisher's key accessory - leather driving gloves! Isla, who plays Henley Reeves, is one of four talented magicians in the movie, who decide to take magic to a new level and onto the dark side.
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The Little Black Glove


Since Coco Chanel designed the iconic little black dress in 1926, it is a well known fashion must have and it is an essential item in every women's wardrobe. The little black dress is so versatile, and is suitable for any occasion. It can be dressed up or dressed down and can be trendy or classic. What doesn't it do? What would us ladies do with out them? Here at Dents, we believe that accessorizing with the little black glove is just as important (and I think Audrey would agree!)
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Gatsby Gloves


It's been greatly anticipated since 2011, when Director Baz Luhrman announced he would be creating a remake of the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, casting a host of huge names to play the leading roles. However this iconic story has influenced beyond the box office polls, being a huge source of inspiration for many of the designers this season.
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Black Jack's Gloves


Our previous blog about British racing legend Stirling Moss, told the story of how Dents collaborated with Moss to create his own line of driving gloves. Well he's not the only racing driver that we've worked alongside; we also worked with the other great name in motor racing and Moss' rival back in the day, Jack Brabham.
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Webster Bros


We pride ourselves in the incredible selection of gloves that we hold in our museum, and are always looking for new pairs to be added to our collection. So when a new pair arrived on my desk a few weeks ago, with merely a 'Dents for Webster Bros' stamp inside it, I had nothing to go on with regards to the history and origins of this piece. So began the mystery...
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Stirling Moss - Racing Legend


Sir Stirling Moss, OBE, is one the biggest names in the motor racing world, and we have had the honour of collaborating with this British legend on multiple occasions.
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A Glove Fit for a Queen


Recently, here at Dents HQ, television cameras and crews have been a common sight. This time, the reason for their visit was the 60th anniversary of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II and Dents' contribution to it.
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A Career For Life!


Dents must be a great place to work! After all, our work colleague John Cundick has stayed with us since......1949! We have just had a wonderful party to celebrate John's 80th birthday - and we think his 64 years working at Dents must be some sort of record.
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A Little Trip To Corgi..


Last week we went to visit our sister company Corgi Hosiery in Ammanford, Wales. It's the favourite sock company of HRH Prince of Wales and just like us at Dents HQ, is located in a small town surrounded by a beautiful landscape of rolling hills and farmland. A two and a half hour drive and £6.20 toll fare later, we arrived at the Corgi factory just in time for lunch. Welcomed by owners Chris and Lisa, whose great great grandfather founded the company back in 1892, we were taken on a tour of Corgi HQ.
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Style Studio #1


This is our first installment of our new blog series, 'Style Studio'. Here at HQ we're surrounded by every type of fashion accessory possible, making us all very lucky, and very well accessorised ladies! Taking inspiration from Gwyneth Paltrow's super casual airport style, we've pieced together all the best accessories to get this look.
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Top 5 Places To Visit In 2013 #5


Dents HQ is located just off Salisbury Plain, 20 miles from the city of Salisbury and only 20 minutes from the world heritage site of Stonehenge. Whether you're like my Father who has only been once (and that was back in the 70s), or someone who makes a yearly pilgrimage to visit the stones, it is definitely a place everyone should visit at least once in their life.
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Worshipful Gloves and Shire Horses...


As a British glove company it is important to support the traditions of our trade, a principle which we share with The Worshipful Company of Glovers of London. Dents have a long standing relationship with the Worshipful Glovers, who have come to visit us many a time at HQ, often to present long service awards.
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The Everlasting Trend of Gloves...


Having a wander around our museum last week, it was clear that gloves have been a part of some of the most iconic trends, over the past century. Every decade has had its own unique style, from 20s flapper dresses to 50s poodle skirts, and we still look back at these iconic trends to inspire our current styles (perhaps not the 80s, perms and shoulder pads are not a look we want to revisit!). Here are 5 of the most stylish decades, which were all accessorised by beautiful gloves.
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Welcome To The Family


As part of the Dewhurst Dent group, we are always very proud when one of our fellow brands have exciting news. Stephen Collins is the newest addition to the Dewhurst Dent family, with its new home next to us in Warminster. Our ever growing family is made up of us, Corgi hosiery, Gaby's/ Gabriella/ Sabbella jewellery and accessories, and now Stephen Collins. It's a fun and friendly group, with all but Corgi living here at the Warminster HQ, we all have our own signature product within the accessories industry.
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Top 5 Places To Visit In 2013 #4


Stourhead is a beautiful estate in the middle of the Wiltshire countryside, and is less than 10 miles from Dents HQ. The world famous landscape gardens are the main attraction for most visitors, sat alongside the stunning Palladian mansion. The 2,650 acres is now part of the National Trust, and is the perfect place to have a wander around with friends or family. I went not too long ago on a lazy afternoon, accompanied by my dog, it was a lovely day out for both of us!
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Dents Help A Hero


As you may know, Dents HQ is located in the small town of Warminster in rural Wiltshire. However Warminster is not just another countryside town, it's actually an Army Garrison town. We are located just on the edge of Salisbury Plain, which is a large military training area, with many barracks scattered across it. In the town itself there's Battlesbury Camp, and the Land Warfare Centre, so it's the norm to see combat clad men and women walking around the town centre during the day. For many residents, you either come from a military family or you know someone who does, making Army life a huge part of our community.
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A Delicious Treat For Mum This Mother's Day...


This recipe is sure to make anyone smile, with the gooey brownie centre and mouth watering topping, it's the perfect surprise for someone special. This is a family recipe that my Grandmother used, then my mother and now me. Friends have always commented on how delicious they are, and are always requesting them whenever they visit. So why not gift your Mum with the perfect combination of taste and style - beautiful leather gloves and homemade treats...(warning: Do not wear leather gloves whilst eating chocolate brownies!)
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Dents Go To The US


It's been trade show season for Dents since the beginning of January now. We've been to Florence, Paris and London, and over the past few weeks to America. At the end of January we went to New York for MRket, where we exhibited our men's A/W 13 collection. It was very cold (the perfect glove weather), but NYC is a fabulous city to visit for both work and pleasure.
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ITV News Visits Dents HQ


On Friday, Dents graced the TV screens once more, as a feature on ITV's West Country Tonight news show. As you may remember, Dents made the red leather gloves as seen in the hit drama Mr Selfridge. The show is produced by ITV studios, so its no wonder that the news team wanted to pop in and see where the gloves were made. The crew had a tour of the factory where they watched the gloves being made, and were then shown our extensive collection of gloves, in our in-house museum by our Curator Sarah.
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