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Accessories Are Key to Wonder Winter Weddings


Winter weddings are wonderful and the one I went to on Saturday was just perfect. The good thing about winter weddings is that you expect cold dark weather and dress accordingly.
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Trade Shows 2010 – Pitti Uomo, Firenze, Italy


It's back to Europe for the second on our list of trade shows this season: Pitti Uomo, the premier international menswear exhibition, on 12th to 15th January 2010 in Florence, Italy. Dents will be exhibiting its fine collection of leather gloves and small leather goods. There are several reasons why you may want to seriously consider a visit to our stand this year: first and most important, our wonderful Creative Director, Deborah, will be at our stand for the whole of the show, so this is a unique opportunity to tell her what you think about the Collection, and what you'd like to see. Second, we'll be sharing the stand with our sister company, Corgi Hosiery, and Corgi's Managing Director, Chris, will be at the stand (so you can tell him what you think, too). Third, of course, there's the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful cultural experience that is Florence.
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Trade Shows 2010 – Accessorie Circuit NYC


We'll be kicking off our busy 2010 trade show season with our first ever appearance at the Accessorie Circuit Show in New York, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, January 5, 6 and 7, 2010. This is a women's spring merchandise exhibition, and we will be showing our exciting and colourful spring collection of gloves, handbags and small leather goods as well as some highlights of our fall collection.
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Looking for a Holiday Stocking Filler


Take a look at our Online Shop where you'll find 3 styles of colourful cotton socks, made in the UK (Wales actually) from 100% long staple Egyptian cotton. They're lovingly made specially for Dents by our sister company, Corgi Hosiery, at their factory in the beautiful Amman valley in Wales.
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Margaritas and Trends


At this time of year I'm really busy with new designs for Fall / Winter 2010, as well as a lot of travelling seeing customers to discuss how 2009 has gone (surprisingly well)!! Last week I stopped off in several Asian cities and managed to catch up with colleagues from Dents Australia. Now I'm packing my bags to go to the USA and Canada next week. Europe (again) is scheduled for January. How do I do it? Well, I must say the occasional margarita doesn't hurt...
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The Secret to Dents Secret Fit


Dents have been making leather gloves since 1777, and in that time we've learned a thing or two about making them fit.
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Evening Bags – Studs and Sequins


From Dents' Design Team - Posted by Laura I just couldn't help commenting on the decreasing size of evening bags - what exactly do you fit inside them? When I go out for an evening I'm carrying my keys, my lipstick, my purse and my mobile, and I usually need a small suitcase to carry my items! Maybe the answer is to have a partner with large enough pockets to carry everything for me instead ... making me look even more dainty and petite with my tiny bag.....?
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No Champagne


What a day we had at our media preview in London! It was lovely catching up with so many old friends from the fashion world, but best of all was the reaction to our new Spring and Summer 2010 Collection. Many of London's leading fashion journalists and stylists were there, they loved the new designs and colourways, and the new summer handbag collection especially attracted so much attention.
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Going GaGa for Gloves


Leather gloves have always been perceived as a fashion accessory, but for some, a pair of gloves can make a fashion statement. There is no-one more iconic than Lady Gaga when it comes to fashion statements at the moment, as she most famously wore the 'fire bra' at the MuchMusic Video Awards in June of this year along with a string of extravagant outfits in her music videos. With a large following and by having regular coverage in the media, Lady Gaga has the ability to encourage others to express themselves in their choice of fashion. Despite Lady Gaga adopting new styles at each show, one thing remains constant throughout - wearing trendy gloves.
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Media Preview Day is Here


We are now getting ready for our media preview day to launch our new Spring Summer 2010 Collection - and what a collection it is; certainly our most exciting yet. It is full credit to our talented design team who have created some stunning new looks for next summer.
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Dents visit the Coterie Fashion Show


New York is one of my three favourite cities, and I've just come home after spending almost a whole week there. Corgi, Dents's sister company, was showing off its range of cashmere knitwear and socks at the Coterie fashion show. This was a Spring merchandise show, so a little more subdued for us than the Fall show; still, we got some new accounts and some nice reorders despite the difficult economy.
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Dents New Website Goes Live


Our new website went live on Friday, after months of behind the scenes work and careful preparation. Some fine tuning remains to be done, and there are more features to be added, so if you see more changes over the coming days, don't be surprised.
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The Dizzying World of Social Media for Dents


As I write this first ever blog on the new Dents blog, it's got me thinking that the Dents brand is venturing into the unchartered terrain of social media.
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