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Winter Wonders


WOW! Is it me or is it seriously cold today! With the weather threatening to go as low at 8c this week, I think it is time I updated my winter wardrobe... and fast!
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Time to Give That Old Wallet a Decent Burial


I thought I'd highlight our new Heritage wallets and credit card holders here, because they're really something very special. They're made in England, and come in a choice of luxurious leathers, soft lamb, bridle or pebblegrain. All the wallets and credit card holders are handmade exclusively for Dents and feature Dents' signature credit card curve on the pockets, and silk moire linings. I especially like the two tone versions. They come in a high quality gift box.
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Time to Trade in That Old Birkin


If you've had enough of that old Birkin bag of yours gathering dust in your closet, here's a twist hermes birkin handbag on old idea. using a points based system, decktOut allows you to exchange those authentic, luxury handbags you've grown tired of for ones that are new to you.
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A New Fashion Name in Retail


The Accessory Co is an innovative fashion shop that offers a different concept in high street shopping by bringing together whole collections from leading brands to provide complete co-ordinated new looks. The first Accessory Co opened in Salisbury's central Old George Mall last week and created quite a bit of excitement in the town.
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Great Weather for Glove Makers... Not for The Rest of Us


Those long range forecasts keep coming in, and they're a glove maker's dream. We read dire warnings like “November is currently forecast to be another drier than average month, withtemperatures sliding away to fall below average in many areas”, and we start to smile.
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The Art of Photographing


What a busy month! We have been gearing up for our major autumn push and with such a fabulous collection of beautiful gloves, handbags and other items in our autumn winter collection, Dents is in big demand from the media.
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Dents Gloves At Saks Fifth Avenue


Our studded bow glove is back at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York after its success last winter, and I'm delighted to say this year we're showcasing a new style as well. I especially like the little twist that Saks designers have come up with to make our beautiful studded leather glove exclusively their own...
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Clutch a Handbag for a Burst of Colour


A flash of colour is surely the way to brighten these dull autumn days. And we have lots of colour in our autumn purses, with brand new motifs and crocodile prints.
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Fashion Gloves and Leather Handbags A Peek at Spring


s the nights start to draw in, and we get that damp September feeling in our bones once again, it's aladies fashion gloves good time to remind ourselves there's light at the end of the tunnel!
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More Space for Dents, and Finer Food for Warminster


We're on the move, but it's just a couple of miles down the road. We're delighted to say that Dents has finally completed the purchase of land close to its present headquarters in Warminster and will begin building its new custom designed facility next Monday.
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A Glove Upon That Hand


Gloves have always had a special appeal - I mean, would Shakespeare ever have written those words about a pair of socks? Even the word itself, “love”, with a “g” in front, speaks to our deepest emotion. And as the cold weather approaches and our thoughts inevitably turn to our gloves, and whether or not the time has come for a new pair, let's take a couple of moments to reflect on a couple of famous glove wearers of recent times who have added to the fame (or notoriety) of this most iconic accessory.
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A Stitch In Time


It's official - trend forecasting services confirm puffy quilted patterns in handbags, leather goods and other materials are the status surfaces of the season, and happily Dents has quite a few of them - maybe just an echo of that classic look that never seems to go out of style, now with a mobile/cell phone pocket...
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That Knotty Problem


Ties have taken a bit of a hit in recent years, what with dress down Fridays, CEOs of major corporations appearing on TV in open necked shirts, and of course, global warming. Some of us may even be starting to wonder whether it's all worth it, and on top of all that we've been tying the same boring knot for the last twenty years...
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Dents Heritage Collection


Some of you may have noticed a new section in our Online Shop - the Heritage Collection. Over the years the Dents brand has expanded into many product categories and has served many different markets.
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The Best Fashion Bloggers On The Net Part 2


A few weeks ago we posted a blog about some of the better known womenswear bloggers - now we'll do the same for menswear. The formula for a successful blog seems to be a real point of view, greatphotographs, maybe a little quirkiness, and of course lots of followers. Someday we hope to get there ourselves. In the meantime we'll point you in the direction of two or three that caught our attention.
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Driving Gloves... And Sales


What are we to make of this year's hot seller in men's gloves, that icon of motoring's halcyon days, (when you could actually tell the make of a car just by looking at it, without having to read the label), the driving glove?
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A Terrific Summer Season


2010 is proving to be a terrific summer season. The weather has been helping as well, but there seems a relaxed atmosphere and enormous goodwill at all the big occasions - plus of course a strong representation of Dents accessories, something that always cheers me up.
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Trade Shows 2010 Mrket NYC


We had a very successful men's show in January at MRketNY, so we'll be there again in July. The show is at the Javits Center, New York, July 18th - 20th. You'll find us where we were last time, boothleather gloves exhibitionnumber 434 .
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Big Day Trauma


Well, I'm getting married in September and with less than 3 months to go the pressure is starting to build! As well as my huge list of things to finish (favours, table decorations etc) I am frantically trying to sort out my Mother's outfit - it's so stressful!!
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He Loves His Gloves


Brazil's Juan, background, fights for the ball with North Korea's Hong Yong Jo during the World Cup group G soccer match between Brazil and North Korea at Ellis Park Stadium in Johannesburg, Tuesday, June 15, 2010. Brazil won 2-1. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein) (Photo: AP)
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