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Good Morning America, from Dents Gloves...


ABC News' Bianna Golodryga and Nick Watt went to Selfridges, one of London's top stores, to get some tips on what to wear for the Royal Wedding.
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Driving Gloves - Dents Have Been Making Them Since They Invented Cars...


Driving gloves have been tremendously popular this year, as we've mentioned before. Styles have changed somewhat from the first ones we made, as these pictures from our Glove Museum will attest - in those days, you needed a lot of protection from the elements!
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Gok Wan, Brix, and Long Leather Gloves


The Elle Style Awards is always one of the most glamorous parties of the year and this year's event, held on Monday (Feb 14th) was one of the best ever.
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Fashion Icons - Long Leather Gloves


The fashion business is such a small world. Years ago I did some great photo shoots with David Bailey, and I remember hearing about this iconic photographer's background.
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Dents Gloves on Gok's Clothes Road Show


This just in from Sally in PR... Tuesday, February 22nd, Channel 4 at 8 pm - don't miss it!
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Spring At Dents


A Spring update from Adele, our handbag designer...
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Men's Gloves at Pitti Uomo, Florence


Wow, what a busy month it has been already! Last week I was in Florence for the men's trade show, Pitti Uomo. I had a fabulous time meeting our Dents customers from around the world - including Italy, Belgium, Spain, Norway, the Netherlands and Japan, to name but a few.
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Dents Trade Shows 2011


Dents will be showcasing their new 2011 glove collections at the world's top fashion accessory trade shows for men and women.
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The Move's Still On and We're Running Low on Gloves


A Disgruntled Reader (yes, they do exist) contacted us recently to complain about the apparent lack of progress on our building, as the last report was posted about five weeks ago. We can only assume the person was an impatient Waitrose shopper waiting for the new superma rket to open on our old site.
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From Santa's Little Helper... Evening Bags and Clutches


So tell me, have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? I still have loads to do - Christmas really seems to have snuck up on me again this year (which is a really daft thing to say... because it's the same date... every year)! Must do better next year (there's my New Year's Resolution sorted)!
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Warning: The Holidays May Be Closer Than They Appear


Check out these savings on Christmas gifts at Dents and our sister company Corgi
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Holiday Gloves...


...and somewhere to store all those Christmas goodies!
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Dents Heritage Gloves


These gloves are made right here in our factory in Warminster, England, but what makes them so special?
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New Home for Dents Gloves - Update


For those of you who can barely contain their excitement waiting for our new building to be ready, this just in from Norma in the warehouse...not too bad really, considering three weeks ago it was just a hole in the ground!
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The Lady Mayoress's Gloves...


Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to be part of the judging panel for the British Glove Association glove competition, open to students all across the country. One of the categories was to design a pair of gloves for the Lady Mayoress to wear at the Lord Mayor's Procession in November 2010.
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Faux Fur Trim Gloves, Winter All Wrapped Up!


This year, if the sales of our faux fur items are anything to go by, everyone is getting very well prepared for a cold winter! But the lovely thing about faux fur is that you can actually wear it whatever the weather, and even a small fur trim on a hat, bag or gloves adds a touch of luxury that nothing else emulates.
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Time to Break Out the Serious Gloves...


Take a look at a couple of reviews of Dents gloves appearing on major blogs in the UKand US - both blogs are extremely popular, very different, and well worth checking in with regularly.
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A Punch Up By The Glove Stand...

29/10/2010 how Simon Mayo on BBC Radio 2's Drive Time show described the goings on at a local department store last week. To hear the full story, just follow this link - the segment, which went out live, includes an interview with Deborah Moore, Dents' Creative Director, who gives a fascinating potted commentary on glove making and explains some key differences between men's and women's leather gloves.
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Dents On BBC2's Flog It!


When one is so involved in the fashion business, it is sometimes easy to forget the wonderful heritage that has led us to the modern styles of today. This week BBC2 did an excellent feature programme on Dents which underlined the company's extraordinary heritage as well as its current leadership in global trends.
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Dents Moving, Waitrose Arriving


I thought I would share some pictures of our new building...
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