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Just 3 Days Left


Deadline for entries to our facebook competition is midnight this Friday, so head over to our facebook page if you haven't already. All you need to do is like the page.
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Sheepkin Weather...


...coming soon!
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Win a £100 Gift Voucher to Spend in Dents' Online Shop!


As the cold weather approaches, here's a great opportunity to win a Dents accessory of your choice.
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Postcard From Las Vegas


“I loved how versatile it was - never too smart for a day trip out and never too casual for an evening meal in a nice restaurant. Knowing how much today's climate has made everyone shy away from spending money I just wanted to let all our customers know that a good leather bag really is a good investment for years to come.
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Dents - Gloves To Go


Now, when you access Dents' website from your mobile device, you'll be offered the option of going to our regular website, or proceeding to our new mobile site...
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Animal Fever...

09/10/2011 at Dents
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Strictly Dents


Spotted! Alesha Dixon, judge from Strictly Come Dancing, has been snapped wearing our gorgeous gloves (last Saturday, 24th September, Fabulous magazine, Sun newspapers). As a huge Strictly fan, I was very pleased to spot them.
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What Makes Dents Heritage Gloves Extra Special? Part 2


Dents is one of only a few glove manufacturers who are still able to create gloves using real peccary leather (a peccary is a mammal from South America that resembles a pig).
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What Makes Dents Heritage Gloves Extra Special?


1. Our leather buyer has almost 50 years experience in selecting only the softest and finest quality leathers for Dents hand made gloves.
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Dents Website Update


We're delighted to announce the arrival of our updated website. It's hard to believe that it's only two years since we did our last update, so much has happened in the meantime.
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50 Years With Dents


This is one anniversary we just couldn't let pass! Chris Johnson, Dents' agent for the south east of England, celebrated his (first?) 50 years with Dents at the UK's leading international fashion show, Moda, in Birmingham last weekend.
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End Of An Era At Dents - And The Start Of A New One...


The end of an era. That was how I felt, and that was how some of the journalists described it, as the first excavators started work earlier today demolishing our iconic 1930s style head office and factory in Warminster.
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Dents Old Premises... Time to Say Goodbye


Some mixed feelings, maybe, as we see the bulldozers arrive at our old building in Fairfield Road - as the BBC has reported, demolition day is finally here. Sally's personal report, marking this important day in Dents' history, with pictures and interviews, will follow...
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Another Great British Tradition


First the News of the World - now SHE. This magazine, known to many people all their lives, is to close.
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Royal Gloves From Our Archives


Simon Crompton, (from the ever popular Permanent Style), spotted some interesting gloves on his recent visit to our factory. You can find out more, and read about Nelson's bloodstained gloves, here.
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News Of The World


Goodbye top selling British newspaper News of the World - and I suppose it was fitting that in their very last fashion story they featured Dents gloves.
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Summer at Dents


We're now on the home straight, hurtling towards the summer holidays. Hoping for long lazy days on Cornish beaches, sailing, surfing, Pimms and relaxing balmy evenings.
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Dents at Ascot - Part 2


We've all seen pictures of the hats, formal day dresses, top hats and tails, but most regulars at Ascot will tell you that the reality doesn't always match up - our thanks to Karen Andrews, a long time Dents Factory Shop customer for this glimpse of the real world.
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Dents, and Dressing for Ascot


Every year at about this time I get very excited about one special event in my diary.... It's Ladies Day at the Races! It's all about the finer things in life, from getting my hair styled in the morning, to the afternoon limo ride with bubbly, and maybe even placing a bet when we get there.
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Looks Like a Shoe, Fits Like a Glove...


It really is lovely to hear from students, and when we received an email from Janice Rosenberg a couple of months ago, we were very excited to see what she might have to offer.
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Dents of England has handmade the world’s finest leather gloves since 1777. Today, the best traditions of this time-honoured craft are combined with contemporary design and luxury leather in stylish accessories including gloves, wallets, and belts.

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