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New Season At Dents - Autumn 2012


...and lots of great new styles to celebrate...
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Dents B2B Wholesale Now Online!


Dents is pleased to offer its wholesale customers and retailers direct online ordering of a large selection of our fine men's and women's gloves, hats, scarves, handbags and other accessories. Our wholesale website is directly linked to our stock management system, and provides you with the latest
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Dent In The FT


From the Financial Times of 12 August -
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Spectacle Of Curiosities


Huldah Pierce Warren Bump also known as 'Miss Minnie Warren' was a 19th Century dwarf, born in Middlesbrough, Massachusetts. She was the sister -in- law of Tom Thumb, as her sister Lavinia Warren married Thumb.
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You Do What For A Living?


Kelly Elliott, of our Design department, was recently featured on BBC radio Wiltshire's afternoon competition “You Do What For A Living?”. The idea is for the presenter to ask questions about the job and try and guess what that person does from Yes or No answers.
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Racing Ahead


I love the elegance and style of veteran and vintage cars, and of course since those very early models started edging tentatively along the quiet Bristish roadways, Dents has been there to help with gloves, scarves and other driving accessories.
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Dents Autumn 2013 Sneak Peek


The weather is driving me nuts!
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Driving Gloves - A Brief History


When the motorcar began to make its appearance during the 1890s, driving was a very cold occupation during winter weather, as there was no internal heating in cars until the 1930s.
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Laura's Livery Luncheon


Yesterday I was lucky enough to be invited to attend the presentation of the student glove design competition, by the Worshipful Company of Glovers. The lunch was held at the beautiful Drapers Hall, in Throgmorton Street, London - this fabulous hall was featured in the 2010 film “The King's Speech” with Colin Firth.
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Dents – The Best Of British


After the recent Diamond Jubilee, it's nice to see that Dents are being featured around the world as the “Best Of British”.
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Elizabeth I & Elizabeth II Pay A Visit To The Guildhall Art Gallery


To explore the history, development and craft of London's livery companies, The Guildhall Art Gallery will display unusual and rarely seen treasures from 22nd June until 23rd September 2012.
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A Family Of Past And Present Dents Workers


Margaret started working life as a maid at Kings School in Bruton where her mother was cook. Unfortunately, Margaret was unable to continue as it was heavy work. As a child she was diagnosed with spinal curvature and spent many years strapped to a board to straighten her back. She then found work at Dents as an outworker c1929, whilst living at Clarendon Avenue, Trowbridge.
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Dents Jubilee Tree


Did you enjoy the Jubilee weekend? Wasn't it wonderful, to see all of the UK decked out with flags, bunting and the classic red, white and blue colours?
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Father's Day Discount at Dents


To celebrate Father's Day we have issued the discount code above, just enter the code 'fday2012' in the discount field during check out for a full 20% discount of anything from the Dents men's range.
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Dents, the Best of British…


From last Sunday's Mail on Sunday (use the zoom feature on your browser to read the text)
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Gloves For The Summer


Yes, we do sell gloves in the summer, and it's been interesting to see our current best sellers.
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Queen Victoria & The Etiquette Of Mourning


During the Victorian era, and more so after the death of Albert, Prince Consort, on 14th December 1861, the wearing of mourning dress progressed, and even became a fashion in its own right.
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Dents Glove Enthusiasts


I was recently in the Dents Factory shop on a Saturday, and met Richard and Shobha Edgell - they had travelled all the way from Hertford. I would like to think it was for the sole purpose of visiting our factory shop, but they were also visiting friends for lunch nearby.
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Bow Wow!


Bow Wow! Have you seen Tatler magazine this month? It is dedicated to our wonderful Queen, with a Diamond Jubilee Collector's Edition and our Dents gloves are featured on page 62!
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All I Want Is Gloves For Christmas!


Continuing the Selfridges theme from our last post, this is from Sarah, our Museum curator.
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